Blood Banks


Grifols is a global healthcare company dedicated to improving the health and well-being of people around the world. Grifols blood screening solutions improve NAT testing through automation, comprehensive assay tests, and simplified reporting.


SpaceCode delivers a user-friendly and super-functional RFID platform that has satisfied a range of customers in the healthcare industry, helping them track their assets in real time with unwavering accuracy, visibility, and scalability.

MP Biomedicals

MP Biomedicals is a global corporation, they manufacture and sells more than 55,000 products. They are one of the few corporations in the industry to offer a comprehensive line of Life Sciences, Fine Chemicals and Diagnostics products.


Biosynex develops, manufuactures, and markets medical devices for screening, diagnosis ans prevention in a constant quest for excellence. These simple, easy to use tests are used by health professionnals to facilitate the care of patients, and by the general public so that everyone can monitor their health. In this way we contribute to better PUBLIC HEALTH at all stages of life.

A Leading Healthcare Solutions Provider